Engage your Community

Gather insights using fun & approachable Sticky Notes.

Gather insights with sticky note forms.

Gather input from stakeholders, support proposals, or generate leads with familiar and interactive sticky note forms.

Your community will be more engaged and active; good for moving your mission forward.


Engage is a great tool for gathering design feedback from diverse groups. People can easily comment on what they like or don't like in a friendly and interactive way. Great for digital events and even in-person meetings.

Josh Sanabria
CEO, GoArchitect

Allow your audience to answer visually.

Unique tools like Action Dots help you survey what your community wants to prioritize. Simple to implement yet powerful in practice.


We’ve used Engage in a community outreach effort for a School District in southern California with great success. It easily collects comments into an easy to read and intuitive interface. We’re very excited to continue using this service on future efforts.

Brian L. Leonard, AIA
Principal, DLR Group

Share your results publicly to drive action & support

Form results can be shared publicly to support your mission. No more waiting, keep transparency and high-quality insights at the forefront of what you do.

Gather Important Context from your Community

Combine different question types to create powerful engagements that answer critical questions for your business or organization.

Sticky note questions that drive interactive engagement.

Action Dot activity to prioritize and rate solutions.

Email to generate leads and contact your supporters.

Text areas to allow for open-ended responses.

Variables that empower you to create large forms very quickly.

Flexible forms that can be taken on any device, anywhere in the world.

Response dashboards so you can share the outcome with your community.

Embed your form online to quickly engage your community.

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