How can the Englewood Trail bring community together?

The Englewood Trail has the potential to become a vibrant community that empowers residents and celebrates shared experiences. How can this be made possible?

Can the Englewood Trail become a vibrant local to celebrate residents and local culture?

Can the Englewood Trail become a vibrant local to celebrate residents and local culture?

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The elevated Englewood Trail holds the promise of transforming into a vibrant community place that empowers residents to come together, flourish, and celebrate shared experiences. The Quality of Life Plan (QLP) seeks to transform the trail and its surrounding areas into an active agricultural and cultural zone, fostering economic prosperity and enhancing the well-being of the local residents.

Through a series of community meetings, five nodes along the Trail were identified by the project team. Inspired by this team and their work, we thought to ourselves, "How can we expand on these meetings by gathering design feedback from the broader Chicago community?" With this objective in mind, we developed the Halsted Node, as an illustrative case study to explore the possibilities and capture community insights.

Three focus areas have been considered for the Halsted node:

  1. Trail Access
  2. Agro-Eco Park
  3. Skate Park
Focus Areas of the Halsted Node

Trail Access

The Trail access serves as a vital link connecting the surrounding regions to the elevated trail, thereby enhancing connectivity. This connectivity makes the trail easily accessible to the residents and promotes engagement in various activities planned along the other parts of the trail.

Agro-Eco Park

The Agro-Eco park becomes a space community gardening. The park is envisioned as a cluster of various circular community gardens, each acting as a neighborhood of green space for different communities. Despite their individuality, these gardens remain visually interconnected, fostering a sense of unity within the diverse landscape.

Different circular neighborhoods in the community garden of the Agro-Eco park

Skate Park

The skate park offers a vibrant hangout spot for children and youth and also promotes their physical well-being through active engagement.

Skate Park with colorful bowls, hangout pits, and more.

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