Engage + Architecture Firms

Architecture firms use Engage to gather client & community feedback for the design of successful buildings in diverse contexts.

How Architecture Firms use Engage

Architecture firms use Engage to seamlessly gather project feedback. Traditional in-person meetings often generate a lot of paper waste and end up dumping the cataloguing responsibility on an intern or junior team member. These notes are difficult to track, synthesize, and act on.

Engage eliminates this wasteful process by digitizing the sticky notes feedback process. Now, clients and stakeholders can be surveyed quickly and with zero waste.


Engage is a great tool for gathering design feedback from diverse groups. People can easily comment on what they like or don't like in a friendly and interactive way. Great for digital events and even in-person meetings.

Josh Sanabria
CEO, GoArchitect

Engage helps architects and designers gather subjective and quantitative insights. Sticky notes surveys are an important part of subjective info gathering but Engage allows you to combine these with important demographic questions that bring context to the entire project.

Gather Subjective & Quantitative Insights

Let's say you're working on an education sector project. You have a design for a new performing arts center and you want to build support for the project by including staff, parents, and students in the brainstorming process.

You can create an Engage survey with a rendering and ask for their feedback. Since you can combine sticky note questions with other questions, you can determine how popular a certain design element is with parents vs teachers vs students. This information may help you prioritize certain elements and ultimately build support and buy-in for a project.

Engage has the tools to help you quickly gather data from all stakeholders at scale.

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Engage was created by GoArchitect, a specialized master planning firm. This means that Engage has powerful features for architecture & planning firms. We'd love to jump on a call and show you how Engage can be a key tool in your process.

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