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Media & Content Creators use Engage to drive audience engagement, gamify content, and generate leads.

How Media & Content Creators use Engage

You know how generating leads for your newsletter or having a high-quality comment section can be difficult? For example, you might have a great new article but you don't get any newsletter signups or the comment section is trash.

Well, what we did is create a web app, called Engage, that can help you increase audience participation, create interactive content, and generate leads.

Engage simplifies the familiar sticky notes activity and moves it online. You can upload an image, decide how many sticky notes you want people to place, and then send that engagement link to your audience, anywhere in the world and completely online.

Your audience can submit their sticky notes quickly and on their own device. This opportunity to interactive with your content is a perfect way to generating leads to grow your newsletter or channel.

In fact, Engage is already being used by the Chicago YIMBY team to gather feedback from readers and bring a new spark of activity to articles.


YIMBY utilized the Engage platform to create a visual survey focused on the hypothetical redevelopment of Goose Island. This survey assessed readers’ preferences for ideal building usage, public space layouts, and transit infrastructure. The findings will be consolidated and presented in a future article.

Jack Crawford
Editor, Chicago YIMBY

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