Engage vs Survey Monkey

Engage provides more hands-on survey methods than Survey Monkey.

How does Engage compare with Survey Monkey?

Survey Monkey is widely known for it's accessibility. Engage takes this further by combining nice design with interactive survey activities like sticky notes, action dots, and illustration canvas.

Engage has unique survey activities

Engage goes beyond the standard text and multiple-choice options with truly interactive survey questions. We've designed it from the ground up to enhance participation, lead generation, and data gathering.

Take a look at some of the unique offering below.
These question-types are exclusive to Engage and free to use.

Sticky Notes

Gather insights from your audience with interactive sticky note forms. They are quick to make and you'll never lose a paper note again.

Action Dots

Action Dots allow you to gather quantitative data in an engaging and visual way.


Use Canvas to create surveys where your audience can respond with a simple drawing. This can be a great option

Engage is Free

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