Engage + Facility Master Planners

Master Planning firms use Engage to gather stakeholder feedback to prioritize projects and demonstrate community support.

How Facility Master Planners use Engage

Facility master planning firms use Engage to seamlessly gather project feedback using fun and interactive sticky note surveys. Engage builds on decades of community engagement strategy of having stakeholders let their thoughts be known through interactive activities. While traditional methods have their place, they also carry some critical shortcomings.

Engage allows for interactive feedback gathering in person or online at-scale. Sticky note engagements may be sent to all stakeholders, not just those who show up to meetings. This allows for greater equity, quick response times, and eliminates paper waste. Engage sicky notes cannot get lost in a drawer, they can be shared publicly or kept private, and an intern doesn't have to translate messy handwriting

Engage notes are easy to gather, analyze, and act on. Clients and stakeholders can be surveyed quickly and with zero waste.


We’ve used Engage in a community outreach effort for a School District in southern California with great success. It easily collects comments into an easy to read and intuitive interface. We’re very excited to continue using this service on future efforts.

Brian L. Leonard, AIA
Principal, DLR Group

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Engage was created by GoArchitect, a specialized facility master planning firm. This means that Engage has some very powerful features for your type of firm. We'd love to jump on a call and show you how Engage can be a key tool in your process.

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