Engage + Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Developers use Engage to build support for upcoming properties in competitive markets

How Real Estate Developers use Engage

Real estate developers use Engage to gather community insights on upcoming projects and redevelopments.

Traditional in-person meetings often lead to incomplete information and don't represent a true sampling of the community. Likewise, standard online forms don't inspire participation. Engage eliminates this wasteful process by merging traditional activates like sticky notes with the power of an online tool. Now, communities and stakeholders can be surveyed quickly and with zero waste.


Engage helps real estate developers gather qualitative and quantitative insights.

Let's say you're working on a multi-family development but you know that the community can make or break this project. You can use Engage to build support for the project by including neighbors, politician, and other leaders in the brainstorming process.

Using Engage you can determine the popularity of a certain design element or decision with neighbors vs potential renters vs investors. This information may help you prioritize certain elements and ultimately build support and buy-in for a project.

Engage has the tools to help you quickly gather data from all stakeholders at scale.

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Engage was created by GoArchitect, a specialized design and planning firm. This means that Engage has some very powerful features for your type of firm. We'd love to jump on a call and show you how Engage can be a key tool in your development process.

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